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Sattar stresses formation of new provinces

Speaking at a joint session of parliament here, Sattar said he condemned PTI leaders’ statement who opposed new administrative units in Sindh.

He said a debate had begun for new units in the country. “We are not being listened, local bodies elections are not being held,” he lamented. The MQM leader said how the current democratic dispensation be strong when it lacked real democratic foundations.

He regretted that the quota system did not exist as prescribed in the constitution.

He said if administrative units were formed across the country, then Sindh should not be discarded.

Sattar said Karachi contributed 70% to national GDP, but the city gets in return not more than 5% of revenue. Conspiracies are being hatched to push people in Urban Sindh to the wall, he claimed.

After his speech, Sattar said MQM was staging boycott the session against injustice being meted out to people of Urban Sindh. The lawmakers of the MQM left the house subsequently.



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