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Saudi teen vlogger Abu Sin released on bail

RIYADH: A Saudi teenage internet user Abu Sin was freed on bail after a week long detention over his “immoral” video chats with a US video blogger Christina Crockett, Saudi media reports said.

Abu Sin, gained a large following due to his funny chats with Crockett on YouNow ( live broadcasting platform popular in Arab World).

Abu-Sin’s chats were broadcast on the livestreaming site. In his broken English, the Saudi youngster regularly tried to flirt with the amused American, while thousands of viewers watched and laughed their heart out.

In a video released soon after his release, Abu Sin said he repents doing such chats and will not do so in future.

After his detention, her internet pal Ms Crockett, in a video posted on her page, refused to help Abu Sin or even make a video appeal to help his release.

VIDEO: Christina Crockett’s response over Abu

Sin’s arrest

Saudi media reported that the case is still under investigation and if found guilty, Abu Sin faces up to five years in jail and/or a fine of no more than SR3 million.

Last month, Riyadh police arrested him when he while he was driving with two friends.

The scene of his arrest was broadcast live on YouNow, when Abu Sin was chatting with a Kuwaiti user.

VIDEO: Abu Sin’s arrest



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