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Saudia Airlines issues ‘controversial’ dress code for passengers

RIYADH: Saudia Airlines has issued a ‘unique’ dress code for passengers and those who flout the new rule will not be allowed to board a flight.

The airline, also known as Saudi, is the national carrier of Saudi Arabia.

According to the code for passengers, the airline says “…[a passenger] clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offence to other passengers. Women exposing legs or arms, or wearing too thin or too tight clothes and men wearing shorts exposing legs,” reported the Telegraph.

The airline already has rules for its customers which adhere to the laws of the Kingdom. Saudia flights are an alcohol free zone as it is illegal to import or consume alcohol in Saudia Arabia.

The dress code has started a debate online, with the hashtag #SaudiaAirlines trending. One man agreed with the new rules. He wrote: “I am not obliged to see such clothing in public spaces, great decision on the part of the airline.”

Saudia dress code

Another man asked on twitter if the rules would apply to the air hostesses and a woman asked how an airline which is dictating how their customers dress will be able to encourage tourism at the same time.

One Saudia passenger posted an image of a male passenger travelling while wearing shorts, asking if the code would be enforced fairly.

Ali Al Ghamdi, the former Saudi head of tourism and health weighed in on the discussion, commenting that many airlines have dress codes. Speaking to Makkah newspaper he said that the requirements were not exclusive to Saudia Airlines but are issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and applied in varying degrees by different carriers.



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