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Saudi Arabia bans over 45 names — is your name in the list?

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has banned over 45 names as authorities say the proscribed names contradict the religion or culture of the Kingdom.

According to Gulf News, parents in the Kingdom will reportedly no longer be able to call their children by names such as Linda, Alice, Abrar, Maya, Abdul Naser or Binyamin (Arabic for Benjamin) after the civil affairs department at the ministry issued a list of the prohibited names.


“Names such as Abdul Naser and Binyamin are not found to be particularly offensive to Muslims. Binyamin is believed in Islam to be the son of Prophet Jacob (Yaqoub) (PBUH) and the full brother of Prophet Joseph (PBUH), but it also happens to be the name of the Israeli prime minister. Abdul Naser, similarly, is the name of the famous Arab nationalist ruler of Egypt, who was at odds with Saudi Arabia,” says the Gulf News report.

Abdul in Arabic means “worshipper of” or “slave of”, while Nabi means “prophet” and Rasool means “messenger”. Those who oppose such names argue that Abdul means “worshipper of’ and is therefore forbidden as only God can be worshipped.

Following are the names banned by the kingdom:

1- Malaak (angel)

2- Abdul Aati

3- Abdul Naser

4- Abdul Musleh

5- Binyamin (Arabic for Benjamin)

6- Naris

7- Yara

8- Sitav

9- Loland

10 Tilaj

11- Barrah

12- Abdul Nabi

13- Abdul Rasool

14- Sumuw (highness)

15- Al Mamlaka (the kingdom)

16- Malika (queen)

17- Mamlaka (kingdom)

18- Tabarak (blessed)

19- Nardeen

20- Sandy

21- Rama (Hindu god)

22- Maline

23- Elaine

24- Inar

25- Maliktina

26- Maya

27- Linda

28- Randa

29- Basmala (utterance of the name of God)

30- Jibreel (angel Gabriel)

31- Abdul Mu’een

32- Abrar

33- Iman

34- Bayan

35- Baseel

36- Wireelam

37- Nabi (prophet)

38- Nabiyya (female prophet)

39- Amir (prince)

40- Taline

41- Aram

42- Nareej

43- Rital

44- Alice

45- Lareen

46- Kibrial

47- Lauren



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