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Saudi Arabia decides to monitor the Pilgrims strictly

ISLAMABAD: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has decided to monitor the Pilgrims strictly, whilst the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan has written a letter to all the tour operators in this regard – ARY News reports.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs stated that Saudi Arabia has issued a warning to all the foreign nationals, who are staying there illegally and the Hajj tour operators are being informed about the strict stance on the issue by the Saudi Minister of Religious Affairs.

It was further told that Pilgrims will be monitored at different places with modern gadgets and Saudi authorities have advised not to allow such people who continue to reside in Saudi Arabia even after performing Hajj.

Saudi officials also warned of putting a ban on the tour operators of such illegal immigrants, in future and urged the operators to insure the return of Pilgrims going through them.



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