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Saudi-led coalition declares end to Yemen campaign

The coalition has “ended Operation Decisive Storm based on a request by the Yemeni government and President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi,” its spokesman, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Assiri, told a press briefing in the Saudi capital.

However, he said the coalition would continue to impose a naval blockade on Yemen and target any movements by the Huthi Shiite rebel forces.

A coalition statement said that the next phase of operations was aimed at resuming the political process in Yemen, delivering aid, and “fighting terrorism” in the country, home to a deadly Al-Qaeda franchise.

The Saudi defence ministry said in a statement that the air strikes had managed “to successfully remove threats to Saudi Arabia’s security and that of neighbouring countries”.

This, it added, was achieved “by destroying heavy weaponry and ballistic missiles which were seized by the Huthi militia and forces allied to (former president) Ali Abduallh Saleh from army bases and camps.”

Operation Decisive Storm began on March 26 and will continue until midnight.




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