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Baroness Warsi’s tweet lands her in hotbed of criticism

Sayeeda Warsi, who was the first female Muslim in Britain to become a cabinet minister, posted a messsage at her official twitter account as follows,

Syeeda Warsi was appointed to the post of Senior Minister of State in the Foreign Office and Minister for Faith and Communities in September 2012.

But she resigned from the government in August 2014 citing concerns that she was no longer able to support the Cameron Government’s policy on the escalation of violence in the Israel–Gaza conflict, describing the Government’s position as “morally indefensible”.

Syeeda Warsi faced severe criticism over her tweet as many labelled the message as racism. Below is the response to her tweet,


It is pertinent to mention there has been a record 30 per cent of female MPs taking seats in UK, compared with 22.7 per cent in the last election.




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