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SBP denies PTI’s Tareen got bank loans waived off

Earlier, several documents of the SBP’s Consumer Department came out in the open which stated that PTI leader Jahangir Tareen, who is also a member of the National Assembly, got loans worth Rs. 49.819 million written off from the Muslim Commercial Bank, United Bank Limited and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The state bank on Tuesday denied that Tareen had got his loans waived off. SBP stated that PTI’s Tareen was the director of Heavy Mechanical Complex in Taxilla and it was not correct to officially declare him a defaulter.

The central bank added that the old letters, sent to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), were issued by mistake.

The matter was being politicized by the government politicians when SBP earlier stated that the PTI leader got his loans written off from the banks.

It should be noted that the federal government and the opposition parties, mainly PTI, are trading accusations of involvement in corrupt practices following the Panama Leaks scandal.

Tehreek-e-Insaf had demanded a judicial commission under the Chief Justice of Pakistan to probe the allegations against the prime minister and his family.

Opposition parties in the Parliament have demanded the PM Sharif to step down after the Panama Papers claimed that he and his children had wealth in offshore companies, whereas the federal government is accusing the PTI leaders of being involved in financial scams and irregularities.

PMLN’s allegations on Jahangir Tareen proved wrong by arynews



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