SBP to issue Rs. 20 commemorative coin

ISLAMABAD: In order to mark “Pakistan-China Year of Friendly Exchange 2015”, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will issue Rs.20 commemorative coin from January 31, 2015, ARY News reported.

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The coin weighing 10 grams – comprises of 75 per cent copper and 25 per cent nickel – will round with serration in shape having diameter of 27.5 mm.

As per press release issued by the central bank, the coin is being issued to mark Pakistan-China Year of Friendly Exchange 2015, in pursuance of the Federal Government Notification dated January 8, 2015.

The waxing crescent moon and a five pointed star facing north-west in rising position are in the centre of the obverse face of the coin.  Along with periphery on the top of the crescent star the wording  ISLAMI JAMHURIA PAKISTAN  in Urdu script is inscribed. Below the crescent and at the top of two springs of wheat with arms curved upward, there is the year of issuance 2015.

The face value of the coin in numeral “20” in bold letters and RUPIA in Urdu script are written on the right and left sides of crescent star respectively.

There are national flags of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and People Republic of China in the centre of reverse side of the coin. Pakistani flag is shown at right side of the coin whereas Chinese flag at the left side. The wording “YEAR OF FRIENDLY EXCHANGE 2015” is inscribed above these two flags and along with the periphery of the coin.

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SBP to issue Rs. 20 commemorative coin

by Zohaib Kazmi