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SBP launches Islamic banking media campaign

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Governor SBP Saeed Ahmed said that “The extensive KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, Practices) study of the State Bank of Pakistan established the demand for Islamic banking at all level but at the same time revealed the lack of awareness not only among ordinary people but even among qualified and educated groups. There is desire among consumer to know more about Islamic Banking and address some crucial questions.”

He said that the main theme of second phase of this campaign which is being launched today is education and awareness of Islamic banking. He stated that through this campaign people would be able to know the basic principles of Islamic banking.

Deputy Governor SBP said that constitution of the country permits Islamic banking system while prohibits traditional banking.

Saeed Ahmed further informed there would a separate index of Islamic banks in stock markets.

He said that it has been suggested to pull Islamic banking out of dual tax system adding that Islamic banking industry cannot be succeed without having infrastructure.



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