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Railway police foil ‘money heist’ as central bank transports currency intercity

BAHAWALPUR: The police in Samasata Junction helped crack a heist bid on newly printed currency notes and bonds to the tune of Rs17 billion collectively as they were being transported intercity by the State Bank of Pakistan out of which a handful was stolen by team members with intimate knowledge of the move, ARY News reported Thursday.

Present today on ARY News morning show Bakhabar Savera was Multan’s bureau chief Yasir Sheikh who explained how the incident, first in the history of SBP and in fact Pakistan as he claims, occurred and what was the modus operandi before railway police timely zeroed in on the alleged culprits.

As the SBP transports the newly printed notes and bonds intercity via trains as its general practice, an alleged official Sadiq Sayyal with knowledge of the development and connivance of his family members thought a theft of Rs5 million out of Rs17 billion would not raise brows.

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However, they were proved wrong by the shrewd judgment at play by the police who launched their probe after they were told by SBP that a palatable amount was missing as the Karachi to Faislabad cargo reached its destination.




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