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SC grants permission to registered Qingqi Rickshaws to operate in Sindh

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday here granted permission to government registered Qingqi Rickshaws to operate in Sindh including Karachi, ARY News reported.

A two-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the petition filed in the apex court by All Sindh Qingqi Rickshaw Union, seeking lifting ban on Qingqi Rickshaws in Sindh.

The court prohibited unregistered and locally altered motorcycle rickshaws to run on the roads allowing only the rickshaws built by the government approved manufacturers.

Following the apex court’s orders, 10,000 registered motorcycle rickshaws will operate in Sindh including Karachi.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed, during hearing the case, lambasted government for not addressing issues timely.

“The government starts paying heed to an issue when it becomes a source of generating income”, the Justice observed.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed termed Qingqi Rickshaws dangerous for various reasons they often flip over while maneuvering sharp turns. The bench observed that there was no concerned authority to look after the Qingqi network unlike Metro, Green Buses, and Orange Line Transport.

However, he said that its government’s due responsibility to resolve the issue and restore employment.



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