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SC judges oppose formation of military courts

During the hearings of different cases in the apex court, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, Justice Jawwad S Khwaja, Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani termed PM’s statement ‘painful’.

The judges in their remarks said, “Formation of military courts was not required. Special courts would not have judges more capable than the ones from the apex court”.

“Judiciary is not supposed to announce punishments alone; it is meant to serve justice”.

While hearing the Prison Reforms Suo-Motu Case, Justice Khosa said, “Looking after the administrative affairs of jails is government’s responsibility, judiciary took notice only to wake up the government. It was painful to read PM’s statement.”

“There are only 2400 judges serving in the judiciary despite 1.7 million cases pending across country and if the government is asked to appoint more judges then it makes excuses like shortage of funds.”

Meanwhile, proceedings of the case were ended after reforms’ assurance by the attorney general.

While hearing another case, Justice Jawwad S Khwaja said if the hearing of a case is delayed, then it is a weakness of the prosecution.

He said that the need of the hour is to introduce administrative reforms and to resolve the issues of judiciary.

The court ordered for presenting a comprehensive report on number of accused acquitted on the basis of poor and incomplete challans.

The court also ordered for a report on action taken against the ones presenting such challans and adjourned the hearing till January 26.



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