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SC orders action against officials guilty of Thar calamity

ISLAMABAD: While remarking the Tharparkar calamity as civil administration's negligence, the Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Sindh provincial authorities to take action against responsible elements and present report to the court in two days, ARY News reported.

It also ordered to dispatch relief goods among all drought-hit affectees of Tharkarpar during the aforementioned time period and inform the court.

The SC was hearing a suo motu case regarding deaths in drought-hit Tharparkar.

At the outset of hearing, Advocate General Sindh Abdul Fatah Malik told the court that chief minister Sindh had cautioned a month ago that drought might hit Tharparkar. He cited the CM as issuing orders for provision of necessary staples to Tharparkar denizens ahead of the drought.

The AG Sindh, however, said the investigation was being conducted about the purported negligence in the issue.

Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh observed that Thar population was 1.1 million, however the government could only reach 1,00,000 people. AG told the court that different welfare organizations were working along with the government in the district in reliefoperations.

The court hastened to add it had nothing to do with non-governmental organizations. It asked the government to enlighten court about a time period for distribution of relief goods among the victims.

Justice Sheikh asked why the people were left to fend for themselves. The hearing was adjourned till March 20.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



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