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SC resumes Islamabad court attack hearing

ISLAMABAD: A Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani started suo moto hearing of yesterday's court attack in Islamabad, ARY News reported on Tuesday. 

Interior Secretary Shahid Khan in his initial report submitted in the court said that 86 policemen have been on duty at the district court.

On a question of Chief Justice Tassaduq about the number of policemen on duty yesterday, Interior Secretary informed that 57 policemen were on duty in the court yesterday.

President District Bar Islamabad informed the court that the terrorists continued firing for 40 minutes in the court. The lawyers repeatedly requested to policemen to open fire but some of them said they have no permission to fire, others claimed that their guns are defective and could not fire. 

The terrorists hurled grenades and fired at all chambers of judges and courtrooms in their rampage the Chief Justice observed with anger, what was immediate response of the police, he asked the Interior Secretary.

Interior Secretary Shahid Khan claimed that the police responded to the attack in seven to ten minutes.

Justice Khilji Arif Hussain retorted, the terrorists could not have escaped from the crime scene if the policemen reached in ten minutes. 



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