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School children torture shopkeeper after being stopped from ‘shoplifting’

The CCTV footage captured the moment a shopkeeper was savagely kicked and punched to the ground by a gang of school children after he confronted them over ‘shoplifting’ in west London.

The horrifying CCTV footage was shared on Twitter which showed the school children started beating up the shopkeeper by savagely kicking and punching him after he stopped them stealing a couple of bags of crisps and drinks.

The incident reportedly took place at the Harsh Off Licence in Southall, west London, last Wednesday, Dailymail UK reported. The footage shows a shopkeeper standing by the door and trying to stop a group of four teenagers from leaving.

school children shopkeeper shoplifting cctv footage

He then seems to try to grab something out of the hands of one teenager, while the other three manage to escape the shop and stand in the doorway watching the events unfold.

the second man standing behind the counter grabbed a cricket bat which he uses to threaten the teens after the teenager begins hitting the shopkeeper.

One of the teenagers then runs back towards the shopkeeper before jumping into the air and kicking him in the stomach. The shopkeeper tried to kick back but the other teenagers rush towards him and start hitting him until he falls to the ground.

One of the teenagers then repeatedly kicks him while he’s down. The violence eventually spills out onto the street and the shop owner is kicked and punched by the group.

The group then runs away while an onlooker attends to the shopkeeper, helping him off the ground.

According to Metropolitan Police, they were not contacted about the incident in the area when the attack allegedly took place.



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