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School urges parents not to throw late students over closed gate

PARIS: In an unusual request, an elementary school in France urged the parents not to throw late students over the closed gate.

According to the details, the Trillade school in Avignon displayed a poster outside its fence inscribed with, “Don’t throw late students over the closed gate.”

The school put up signs outside its gate showing a cartoon of a parent sending a small child airborne to get over the fence. The text on the sign asks parents not to throw their children, and instead wait for the gates to be opened again at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m.

The school’s Principal Sanaa Meziane said that that parents “literally threw their children” over the gate when they arrived to find it closed, United Press International reported.

She maintained that there were only a few scattered incidents, and no reported injuries, but there were enough tossed children to inspire school officials to take action and post the warnings as a “reminder.”



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