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Mother of Army Public School victim has a clear message for India’s Modi

PESHAWAR: In an hour when several public and private quarters in India are calling for ‘action’ against Pakistan, mother of an Army Public School attack victim has made it clear that the nation stands united in case India resorts to any adventurism.

Mother of Mohammad Yaseen, who was martyred in the gruesome attack on the Army Public School in 2014, in a video message said that she was the mother of a martyr and very well knew how wars are won by sacrificing.

Addressing the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she asked whether India had forgotten the ‘breakfast’ which it planned to have [in Lahore], while referring to the famous plan of an Indian general during the 1965 war to have its breakfast in Lahore after conquering it.

Pakistan Army had successfully repulsed the Indian attack on Lahore and had captured many Indian soldiers and military hardware.

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“Have you forgotten that breakfast? Have you forgotten the price you had to pay for that?”, she asked, adding that until the mothers of the nation were alive, no one could even have an evil glance at Pakistan, let alone wage a war against it.

She said that the nation stood by its armed forces and together, they won’t let the enemy cause harm to Pakistan.

“My son was martyred but I, along with my two daughters, stand firm with the resolve that we will protect our country from people like you”, she said.



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