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Schools are now going to be the safest space for kids in 2021

The year 2020 has upended situations across the globe, including the halt in operations of businesses, offices and even schools.

The effect still carries on this year for educational institutions, as parents are apprehensive about physically sending their children to school. Considering the rise of thoughts, opinions and debates on media, a one sided decision is still to be made about schools being a safe place or not?

In this uncertain environment, Domex, the toilet and surface cleaning brand, partnered with the government to disinfect toilet seats and high touch surfaces in educational institutions starting in Sindh. Their video gained much media limelight within the span of a few minutes, where the surface disinfection brand revealed how it enabled millions of children across Pakistan to safely return to schools.

Educational institutions across the country have commenced their operations, calling in students and staff gradually.

The Domex video clearly showcases the high touch points at schools that kids come in contact with, including benches, windows, desks, staircases, swings and much more.

Domex aims to transition the thought of how children were avoiding schools to how they’re now running towards schools. The disinfection drive conducted by Domex is a sense of relief for parents as they won’t have to worry about safety standard operating practices (SOP) being taken care of at schools. While conducting their disinfection drive in schools, team members from Domex also provide awareness drives to the school staff, while showing them the dos and don’ts of disinfecting high end surfaces.

Soon after the video’s upload, social media platforms were stormed by prominent faces, as they shared positive sentiments regarding the nationalistic effort, on their Twitter accounts. Some of the personalities include Waseem Badami, Faisal Sabzwari, Saeed Ghani, and Zarrar Khuhro The video didn’t stay hidden from publications, as they picked it up, sharing sentiments on their Instagram handles and Facebook pages. Not just publications but the video soon made it to national television where news anchors highly praised the initiative taken by Domex.

To ensure safety of educational institutes, Domex aims to spread their disinfection drive in multiple schools across Pakistan. With the highly praised initiative in collaboration with the government, it is safe to say that children will have a better shot at “Mehfooz Schools, Befikar Bachpan”!



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