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Scientist claims Mega Earthquake will rip apart American continents

Ahead of the drills across America and Canada on emergency response to a major earthquake, Dr Mehran Keshe, who studied nuclear engineering at the University of London, released videos claiming a mega quake with the power to kill up to 20 million people on the west coast of the USA alone is on the cards, a media report said.

While there is no scientific or official support for Dr Keshe’s claims some subscribers to his ideas suggest his “mega quake” could happen as soon as Saturday, October 17 (tomorrow).

In a video presentation filmed last month, he marked on a map of north and south America the site of three earthquakes measuring magnitude 6.6 to 6.9, three at the Panama Strait, and an 8.3-level quake which hit Chile on September 16 claiming at least 10 lives.

He said: “The South American continent is the starting point of the weakness. There will be earthquakes of 10 to 16 here and in one location 20 to 24.”

Dr Keshe claimed up to 20 million people would perish along the west coast in north and South America, but the southern hemisphere continent would be worst affected as it split from the north.

He said: “This is not scaremongering, but what we have seen in the past seven days, we have never seen these kind of earthquakes in the past in these zones in such a sequence.

“There will be a number of series of earthquakes in north China in coming months.”

According to Iran-born Dr Keshe Mexico and the Mexican Gulf will be destroyed, creating huge tsunamis. “Japan and China will have the same huge losses and there will be huge losses in the Caribbean.”

Although the predicted devastation would be like nothing the world had ever seen, Dr Keshe claims it would ultimately bring world peace.

He said: “The world economy will collapse. The banking order will not support such a disaster. I hope it will not happen this way but this is what I know it is inevitable the continental break up is inevitable.”



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