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Scientists name newly-discovered wasp species after Brad Pitt

According to a foreign news agency, the new species of wasps, named Conobregma bradpitti, belongs to a group of wasps parasitizing in butterfly caterpillars or moth.

The newly discovered species of wasps are said to be highly beneficial for agricultural purposes due to the their potential of biological control despite its macabre behavior.


They lay their eggs into a host which once parasitized starts hardening. The wasp cocoon is able to develop safely and emerge from the ‘mummified’ larva.

The researchers described the another newly discovered species of the insect as parasitic wasp. The first form of its subtribe was spotted in the whole of India  whereas its closest “relative” is found in Nepal.

While thinking of a name for the wasp, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, researcher Buntika A. Butcher recalled her long study periods, under the poster of Brad Pitt, in a laboratory. That’s how the wasp was named after the Hollywood star.

Conobregma bradpitti is nearly black in colour, measures less than 2 millimetres and its head, legs and antennae are brown-yellow.



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