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Scientists on the verge of discovering anti-aging drug?

Good news for the whole world might just be around the corner. Scientists may just be on the verge of discovering a new drug that could slow down the aging process in humans and elongate their lives. Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, FL, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and their peers might have come up with a drug that improves cardiovascular functions and delay the aging process.

These drugs, namely Senolytics kill senescent cells which are related to aging in the human body. Senescent cells stop dividing when a human gets old and accumulate in various body tissues. They also secrete proteins which cause harm to cells nearby. These senescent cells, the process of aging take place in humans which also causes age-related diseases to develop. Scientists set out to discover a new drug which would exterminate these senescent cells without harming other cells nearby. After testing a multitute of drugs, only two showed promise of being a success. The combination of two drugs Dasatinib and Quercetin proved to be effective in a number of functions.

Upon being injected with senolytics, the mice responded positively to the test. Anti aging factors such as improved cardiovascular activities in mice were observed. Also, mice who were exposed to radiation therapy recorded an enhanced endurance to exercise.

Both drugs Dasatinib and Quercetin in their separate form and entirety are recommended are are being used by humans. However, the combination of both these drugs have not been recommended medically as of yet as they can have drastic side effects on the health. If proven to be a success, senolytics will go a long way in benefiting mankind in the sense that it would improve elongate the span of human lives. These study results took place over a period of seven months and during this time it was found that age-related symptoms, spine degeneration and osteoporosis was greatly reduced in the mice.



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