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Here are the most searched selfies on Google in 2017

What was searched on the Google in the outgoing year makes it news for users globally because it gives an idea of people’s liking in general.

After top celebrity, songs and top key word searches, we have a list of top five selfie searches (in the US) of 2017, according to Metro UK.

And each selfie has a different story behind it.

Let’s take a look.

1- The happiest monkey

Monkey selfie

Remember this Indonesian monkey who shot to fame after it snapped a grinning selfie, and sparked a landmark US copyright case, was named “Person of the Year” by the animal rights group that took on the simian’s cause.

In 2011, the monkey pressed the shutter button while staring down the lens of a camera set up British nature photographer David Slater on the island of Sulawesi.

The photos quickly went viral and PETA launched a lawsuit that claimed the then six-year-old Naruto should be “declared the author and owner of his photograph”.

2-Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton: political talkshow host, father, STUD MUFFIN. Definitely up there with the most bizarre selfie of all time.

3- The Nia Jax selfie

The Nia Jax selfie

WWE star in her swimming costume snapped a selfie and created an internet stir. She wrote: ‘Posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit is VERY hard for me. I have never been one to show off too much skin, and it’s not just because I’m a larger woman. ‘After this amazing #Wrestlemania weekend I had a chance to speak to a bunch of young women & men…’

4- The Eclipse

The Nia Jax selfie

This was the only selfie search that doesn’t involve an actual selfie. That’s because people wanted to know whether or not they could view the solar eclipse on their phones when it happened over the summer. Experts said yes, you could. Flipping the camera into selfie-mode and aiming it at the sun meant you could safely view it. However, the method was issued with cation — it’s not as safe as wearing proper eye protection.

5- The Kaia Gerber selfie

The Kaia Gerber selfie

Kaia Gerber is the 15-year-old daughter of model Cindy Crawford, for those who don’t know. She posted this photo with the caption: ‘Uniform.’ People didn’t now what to think of it because, you know, SHE’S 15-YEARS-OLD. So many said she was too young to be taking these sorts of snaps, others congratulated her on her body confidence.




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