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Second round of talks between Palpa, CAA fails to end stalemate

Azeem forwarded the summary of deadlock between CAA and Palpa to the prime minister.┬áHe said that Palpa demands were ‘beyond understanding’.

While hinting an action against protesting pilots, the PM’s aide however invited them for another round of talks.

At least 21 flights were cancelled yesterday, while other airlines charged virtually double fares from passengers, thus adding to their woes.

PIA spokesperson has apologized to the passengers for inconvenience they are facing.

Two days ago, licences of two pilots were suspended by the Civil Aviation Authority for violation of discipline. These pilots had refused to perform their duty under pressure from Palpa.

At least 51 flights have been cancelled during the last three days and several others have been delayed or re-routed thus affecting more than 5,000 passengers affected.



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