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Section 144 imposed at Karachi’s coastal areas

At a distance of some 1575 km south of the country, in the Arabian Sea broken clouds show an area of potential development of a well-marked low pressure area.

The situation and conditions are being monitored by the Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre (Karachi).In case of any cyclone developments, a weather advisory will be issued. Currently, fishermen have been allowed to carry out their daily activities and have not been stopped from fishing. None of Pakistan’s coastal areas have been declared to be under threat from the cyclone.

All stakeholders and relevant authorities have been advised to keep themselves updated with the latest situation as regards to the weather and keep themselves abreast about weather advisories of Pakistan Metrological Department in the days to come.

The government had imposed section 144 on Karachi’s coastal areas but residents paid no heed to the imposition. Keeping in mind the possibility of cyclone Ashubha wreaking havoc, authorities have started taking precautionary measures to protect lives. The imposition of section 144 means that citizens are forbidden to bathe in the sea.

Karachiites were of the view that the city was the only recreational place in the whole country, since the public could enjoy the sea. However, the cyclone had spoiled their chances to have fun with their children.




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