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Security cam shows burglar making pizza while robbing store

FULLERTON, California: Security camera captured the suspected burglar making himself a pizza dinner after allegedly stealing $500 cash from a store.

The footage shared by local police showed that the burglar was measuring out dough for a pizza while wearing gloves for food safety. The unidentified man was later arrested by the police officials over charges of breaking into Big Slice Pizza in Fullerton.

The store’s manager Rafael Calles told media that he tried to make a pizza and attempted to cook something for himself as he might be hungry.

footage burglar pizza robbery video

After inspecting the store, the crew members discovered that cash drawers containing $500 had been stolen. They also found that Electronics, tools and a delivery car were also stolen.

“Seventeen years of business, first time it happened. For us, it was a big hit because we had to close the store, make a report, call service to restore the service for the store, so we can keep in operation,” KAIT8 quoted Calles.

Police told the manager the suspect forced the patio door open and brought a toy gun with him. He also spent more than two hours in the store. But it’s the images of him working two balls of dough like any experienced pizza maker that have everybody talking.

“Yeah, it’s kind of funny, but hey, we got hit, and it’s not nice. It’s not right,” Calles said.

Police were able to recover some of the stolen items, including the delivery car.



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