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Security forces gear up for final offensive on ‘Chotu Gang’

According to sources, a plan has been constituted by the army for safe recovery of the captured policemen.

While, edible supply lines to gangster have also cut off by the forces to compel them out of their dens.

Army personnel are leading the operation while police and Rangers are also taking part in the action. Emergency has been imposed across all nearby hospitals to meet any crisis situation.

The gangsters have demanded to the Punjab police to provide safe passage to their accomplices and children in exchange of captured cops.The operation against the gang began on April 1, officials said, with police confining the gang members to a roughly 10 kilometre area.

Six policemen had already been killed in the operation against members of the “Chotu gang” on an island in the Indus river in Rajanpur.

Up to 1,500 officers were involved in the failed raid against some 150 men armed with rocket launchers and machine guns, authorities said.


Ghulam Rasool alias Chotu — ring leader of Chotu Gang (in centre)


“Our cops attempted to reach their base by two boats in the river, and the criminals came right in front of them and there was heavy exchange of fire,” said a police officer.


The criminals were armed with “rocket launchers, machine guns and anti-aircraft guns”, he said.

Officials announced last week that the military in coordination with law enforcement agencies had launched a new crackdown in Rajanpur in the wake of an Easter attack on a park in Lahore that killed more than 70 people.



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