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Security guards break into Irrfan’s hotel room in Hawaii

Before you speculate on the reasons that prompted the guards to break into Irrfan's room, rest assured all is well with him.

The actor, who is currently in Hawaii to shoot for the Hollywood film Jurassic World, was so jet-lagged by the 27-hour flight that he slept well past the wake-up call the morning after he reached there. Though he was supposed to go for a routine check-up at 7 am for medical insurance etc, he overslept, oblivious to the attempts to contact him.

"The security guards eventually broke into my room, only to find me asleep. I wonder if they felt I had committed suicide," says the actor, with a very sense of humour.

This is not the first time the actor has been exhausted due to jet-lag. "I was once late for an international film festival because of this," he recalls.



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