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Senate committee approves recommendations to prevent horse trading

The full house committee held a meeting on Thursday, which was presided by Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani.

The committee approved recommendations to prevent horse trading and the shifting of loyalties in the Senate elections. It stated that any member who votes against the party policy should be disqualified.

The name of members should be placed on ballot papers and the parliamentary leader, if required, will have the authority to inspect the ballots.

On the occasion, Chairman Raza Rabbani said the changes in the voting process were being made to prevent horse trading. He, however, said that it was necessary to amend Article-226 (A) of the Constitution to see a vote on the basis of suspicion.

The article states that all elections under the Constitution, other than those of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, shall be held through secret ballot.

Rabbani also noted need to make amendment in Article-63 (A) to disqualify a member for voting against party policies or defecting to another party.

The recommendations will be presented in the Senate on Friday, May 20.



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