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Fata Senate elections due on March 20

The ECP said that polling for Fata seats will be held from 9 am to 4 pm on March 20, and the polling process will be continued from where it was suspended.

On the whole, there are 26 candidates contesting for the upper house on four Fata seats.

The ECP has restored the old procedure for Fata elections.

The commission said that after the withdrawal of the presidential ordinance, now these elections will be held under the Election Order 2002.

Each MNA from Fata reserves the right of casting four votes.

Earlier to this, six Fata members including GG Jamal, Sajid Turi, Bilal Rahman held a meeting with the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), Sardar Raza, during which the CEC assured them of conducting the Fata Senate elections on March 20.




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