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Seven convicts hanged to death in Punjab jails

The number of executions in Pakistan have reached to 185 after nine more convicts hanged to death after end of Ramazan ban on death sentences.

Three convicts were executed at Attock District Jail on Wednesday morning.

Double murder convict Muhammad Safdar and condemned prisoners Aftab and his father Usman were hanged in Attock jail. The father and son had killed a man in 1998 over a monetary dispute. Mohammad Safdar had murdered two people over a petty issue in 2003.

In Jhang District Jail a man who had killed a school teacher was hanged to death.

Moreover, in Multan Nayyar Abbas was executed in Multan Central Jail. He had killed a man in 1996 over a personal feud.

A death row prisoner Mohammad Nawaz was executed in Sargodha district jail for killing his relative over a land dispute 13 years earlier.

Another condemned prisoner, Gulfam, was sent to gallows at Gujrat district jail. He was convicted for killing a man in 2001.

The convicts were executed after their mercy pleas were rejected.

The jail officials after completion of formalities handed over the remains of the executed men to their relatives.

The hangings have been resumed in Pakistan after a moratorium of one month during the holy month of Ramazan.

Earlier, two death row convicts were executed in Multan Central Jail on Monday.

Pakistan resumed executions as part of a counter-terrorism strategy after December 16 terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar, in which around 150 people, most of them children, were killed.

Amnestry International and other rights groups campaigning against capital punishment, have criticized the government of Pakistan’s decision of resumption of executions in which at least 176 condemned prisoners were executed before Ramazan moratorium. The executions are also opposed by the European Union (EU).

The tally of executions in Pakistan have now reached to 185 with nine hangings after Ramazan ban.



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