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Seven dead in Sanghar road crash

According to rescue officials, the passenger bus rammed into a van due to speeding. The dead persons also include two women and two children.

Seven others also sustained injuries in the accident. All of them were moved to a hospital in Hyderabad. Police said all of injured and the deceased were labourers by profession and going to Chotiari for work.

Couple of months ago, seven police officers were injured when a police mobile fell into a ravine in Sanghar.

Couple of months ago, the police mobile was en-route towards Jamrao when the back tyres of the vehicle burst due to potholes in the road and it fell into a ravine in Sanghar

Rescue teams arrived at the scene and shifted the wounded persons to Civil Hospital for treatment. The victims included Ali Bakhsh, Aachar, Abdul Ghani, Ilyas, Allah Rakhiyo.



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