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Seven important bills to be presented today at joint session of parliament

According to details, the joint session of parliament will be held at five pm, as per schedule. Sources revealed that as many as seven bills were likely to be presented for approval during the session. Five of these seven bills will be presented by the opposition whereas the government will table the remaining two bills.

Sources also believed that the government has included in its agenda to present the bill to declare PIA as a private limited company. Apart from the PIA Privatization bill, the Gas Theft Control and Recovery bill, the Civil Servants Amendment Bill, the Immigration Amendment Bill and Privatization Commission bill will be presented before the house.

Sources disclosed that before the joint session of the parliament commences, Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will brief leaders of various opposition parties regarding the bill that will make PIA a private limited company. This briefing will be held inside the chamber of the Leader of Opposition. After this, opposition parties will decide how to react to the bill.




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