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Qadir Patel discloses PPP-Uzair links to Rangers

Patel was summoned by the Rangers today for interrogation into Dr. Asim case.

According to sources, investigators grilled Patel with several key questions, but the PPP leader could not come up with satisfactory answers.

The Rangers officials asked him: “how do you know Uzair Baloch?”

Patel replied that several PPP leaders met him in the past and sought help in different matters. He said he had a close contact with Baloch.

When asked about murder of PPP’s Khalid Shahenshah, who was said to be key witness in Benazir Bhutto murder case, the PPP leader said he had no idea about the murderers.

Investigators threw volley of questions on Patel including his alleged involvement in murders, extortion, transfer of money into his accounts.



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