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Worry about your own terrorists: Film Actor Shaan tells Saif Ali Khan

Just when you thought the dust had settled and all the ruckus was about to end regarding the Phantom movie, Shaan Shahid decides to step in and issue Saif Ali Khan yet another warning. Saif Ali Khan had a couple of days ago, had clarified that he was concerned that he was the ‘face of anti-Pakistan feeling’ and it wasn’t what he intended.

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Apparently, Shaan wanted to have another go at the Bollywood actor. Talking to media, Shaan said:-

“Anyone who even dares to look at Pakistan with malicious intentions, will have to suffer serious consequences.”

Shaan also took a further dig at Saif Ali Khan and had ample advice for him.

“Worry about your own terrorists, Saif. Don’t come looking for villains in Pakistan, India is safe haven for scores of its own terrorists. Indian Muslims need a Martin Luther King to emancipate them.”

Saif Ali Khan’s movie Phantom (which also stars Katrina Kaif) was the object of controversy since it targeted JuD Hafiz Saeed and depicted Pakistan as a country where terrorists took refuge. Lahore High Court banned the flick in response to a petition from Hafiz Saeed. The ban drew harsh statements from Saif Ali Khan and director Kabir Khan.

Shaan Shahid was not the only actor who responded to Saif Ali Khan’s pointless statements. Hamza Ali Abbasi also took to his Facebook account (like he always does) and also responded back to the Bollywood actor.

The issue had even caused a rift between Pakistani celebrities when Shaan took to task Mawra Hocane for supporting Phantom. Shaan had called for a ban on the movie, to which Mawra had responded with a bitter open letter for the actor and her fans.

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