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Shaan narrates his ‘love at first sight’ story

“I was coming out of the the room and she was coming in, she passed and there were violins all over the place, I waited for her to turn her head and see me back and she did,” Shaan Shahid said about her first love, her wife Amina.

In an interview with ARY News’ The Morning Show’, Shaan revealed as to how he met Amina and chose to marry her.

“We met at an art gallery. She was learning how to paint and her teacher was producing a film with me and I was conducting the class in her absence.When I first saw her (Amina), I felt a jolt, I (right away) turned aside thinking it would feel bad (staring at her) as I am conducting a class,” added Shaan.

To what attracted in her,  Shaan said, “It was a vibe. It was something that connects you. Like, how it (instantly) occurred to me if I could live my life with her. Why this question came to my mind?”

Shaan said within seven days of his first sighting her, he sent his parents for marriage proposal.

What makes Shaan angry

When the poster boy of Pakistani film industry was asked what made him angry, he said if someone spoke against Pakistan or when the relevant authorities fail to contain the degenerating condition of our film industry and national institutions like Pakistan International Airline and Pakistan Railways.

To another query, he said once he was working with a cricketer-turned-actor and he was making demands after demands, it made him furious.

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