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Shaan urges Pakistani artists to unite, make local film industry stronger

LAHORE: Filmstar Shaan Shahid has called on all the local actors, producers and artists to unite and work towards taking Pakistan’s film industry to new heights.

In a post on his official Facebook page, the Pakistani superstar maintained that the country’s own film industry needs everyone to build it strong enough so future generations don’t have to go abroad to seek stardom.

“Let’s make our version of super hero films, parallel films, lets make our version of Zero Dark Thirty,” Shaan wrote in the heartfelt post.

Shaan said every star Pakistan has produced needs to put 70% focus inside Pakistan as they should be strengthening their own country’s products and strengthening the platforms which made them into a star.

“This is the rebirth of our industry stars should have production houses they should be making films with young directors signing projects giving discounts on fees, collectively working as an organisation,” Shaan wrote.

He urged all the artists to become, ambassadors of Pakistani films and ask people to come invest in the industry not just financially but to bring change and make country’s movies ‘its biggest export to the world’.

We need to be heard as every Pakistani has been quiet for very long now living behind the curtain of fear ,hopelessness




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