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Shabana Azmi slams Kareena: Don’t you have any responsibility? It’s not fun

Shabana Azmi is known for being one who does not bite her tongue at any and every moment. Living up to her image, the Bollywood actress was straight-forward in bashing heroine Kareena Kapoor Khan for performing to the bold song Fevicol. Speaking at the Women of Worth campaign launch event, this is what Azmi said regarding the responsibility of women in today’s media:-

“I have reservations against item numbers. That’s because I think if a top most heroine is singing ‘I am tandoori murgi, swallow me down with alcohol’, it’s not a laughing matter. It’s a serious issue,” she said.

According to Shabana, the impact of these songs and their lyrics were troublesome for young students who looked up to these actors and actresses and aped them.

“One person wrote the song, a few more got it made but it was watched by crores of people. They also saw their 6-year old kids singing and dancing on it. Don’t you have a responsibility? It’s not fun,” she said further.

Fevicol was a song from the movie Dabangg 2 starring Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha. The movie was well received by the masses and the song became one of the most renowned as well as listened-to tracks of the year.

It would be interesting to see how Kareena Kapoor Khan responds to Shabana Azmi’s statement. One can’t help but agree with Shabana Azmi’s point. Do you agree as well?



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