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Shah questions what Imran has delivered in KP

Talking to media on Sunday, Khursheed Shah said that some miscreants tried to sabotage the Kashmir cause in London. He inquired what has the PTI chairman delivered to the people in KP, adding that Imran Khan is only making speeches in the country.

He said that sit-ins have already caused huge losses to the economy of the state and it is still continued.

Speaking about MQM, Shah said MQM has been sharing power in Sindh for quite some time, while the province remained under it during Musharraf’s reign.

The Opposition leader said if the situation of Sindh could not be improved then, what can we expect today.

Commenting on the privatization of OGDCL, he labeled it as injustice being done not just to the workers, but to all the people of the country as it is a precious national asset.



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