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FM Qureshi lauds valor of PAF over downing Indian jets

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said on Thursday that February 27 will always be remembered in the country’s history as on this day our brave air force wrote history by downing two Indian fighter jets, ARY News reported.

FM Qureshi  In a statement in connection with Surprise Day on said the world was given message that Pakistan’s defence is impregnable.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said by shooting down the Indian planes the enemy was told that we have better defence capability and release of captured pilot was another move of Pakistan for the peace and stability in the region.

The foreign minister said people of Pakistan are also standing shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces to face any aggression.

Surprise Day

February 27, 2019, is a memorable day for Pakistan as Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shattered Indian dream of invincibility and military supremacy by shooting down two Indian aircraft and above all capturing an IAF pilot.

Indian fighter jets crossed the Line of Control in the last week of February and the country’s military claimed to have conducted a “surgical strike” in Balakot area in Pakistan.

Independent reports, including high resolution satellite images reviewed by Reuters, also contradicted the Indian claims.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets on the other day crossed the LoC in a tit-for-tat move to Indian territory, and in a dogfight an Indian MiG-21 was shot down on the Pakistani side of the border.

After striking down the Indian fighter jet, Pakistan arrested the pilot, who ejected himself after being hit in the airspace of Pakistan in Azad Jammu and Kashmir — something that came as an unexpected setback for India exposing the country’s claims of invincibility and supremacy in the military power.



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