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Shah rues absence of foreign minister in Pakistan

Talking to media here, Khursheed Shah said that if the United States (US) wishes to maintain equality-based ties with Pakistan, then we have no objection over it.

“It was the US dictation at which Pakistan provided refuge to immigrants from multiple origins and for which it is still suffering”, he said.

He also regretted the absence of foreign minister in Pakistan.

While reacting to Arbab Ghulam Rahim’s statement, the opposition leader said, “Rahim has lost his senses, Bilawal Bhutto is the chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party and will continue to be”.

He suggested the government for making some serious efforts regarding the electricity crisis.

“I had predicted 15 days ago that another crisis is going to emerge once the shortage of petrol ends in the country”, he claimed. “There is no furnace oil available to provide electricity and the recent power breakdown occurred due to the same reason”.

“Abid Sher Ali said that yesterday’s breakdown was caused by the bombing of two supply towers in Balochistan”, he said, adding that if this would be the case, then power supply to the entire country would not have been disconnected.

Shah also criticized Imran Khan saying that the PTI chief departed for Umrah immediately after the Chehlum of Peshawar school martyrs, he should have delayed his visit.

Bashing further, he said that the Saudi King passed away, but Khan preferred addressing a press conference over mourning the demise of King Abdullah.



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