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Shah Rukh again comes to Aamir’s aid, says artists should be allowed to express themselves

Shah Rukh Khan is arguably the most popular actor in India and continues to command a huge fan base across the world. The actor was recently asked to comment on the ensuring Aamir Khan crisis, following his ‘intolerance’ remarks about India. Shah Rukh said that every artist should be allowed to say what he wanted and that people should desist from making a big issue out of it.

“I think there is no issue about actors saying what they want or any profession saying whatever they feel like. I think we should talk about things and it’s nice to talk… And sort things out,” he said. Khan also said that the issue should be treated as a debate where all opinions should be discusses and everyone’s point of view should be heard. No final comments or derision should take place, he said.

“Freedom of expression means that you say something, somebody else says something which may be contrary and you discuss it. I personally believe most of the stuff that is talked about, instead of taking a radical point of view, it should be seen as a platform for discussion – not for decision or derision or giving a final comment on it,” said the actor.

Shah Rukh Khan had also faced a similar reaction, including some derogatory remarks from Shiv Sena, after he had spoken out against such incidences which gave rise to intolerance and extremism in India. An Indian politician had also named Shah Rukh, Dilip Kumar and Aamir Khan as snakes.
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Shah Rukh Khan had earlier also supported Aamir Khan, by saying that there was no need for anyone to prove their patriotism to anyone else. Other actors, such as Farhan Akhtar and Sharmila Tagore, have also spoken out against intolerance in India and called for an end to extremist mindset.
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