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Shah Rukh Khan answers questions on Twitter!

#Asksrk was trending on Twitter as fans didn’t miss any opportunity to hurl questions at King Khan. Shah Rukh’s interesting replies, carrying his trademark humor and wit, seemed to address fan queries regarding his choices, upcoming projects, his son and his daily habits.

Here are some of the questions and Shah Rukh’s subsequently tweeted answers

When an ecstatic fan asked Shah Rukh to come to Washington D.C, this is what he tweeted back.


When another fan probed Shah Rukh as to how it felt every morning waking up as such a captivating entertainer and huge personality, this is how Shah Rukh replied.

Another fan wanted Shah Rukh to help him ask out a girl. Shah Rukh replied mischeviously:-

After answering a couple of questions, the superstar apparently ran out of answers and had to call it off till the next day. This was Shah Rukh’s ending tweet.

All in all, from SRK’s tweeted replies, all we got to know was that he loved American show series Breaking Bad, he does not like to consume breakfast and will start shooting for his upcoming film Raees in the next ten days.



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