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Shah Rukh Khan decides to launch son in Bollywood!

Yes, seems like the time is ripe for King Khan to launch his son Aryan in Bollywood! The Happy New Year star is reportedly in talks to cast his son Aryan in a movie and what’s even more interesting, is the fact that the film will be a remake of the Hollywood movie BoyhoodBoyhood depicts the adolescence of Mason Evans, Jr. from ages six to eighteen (12 years) as he grows up in Texas with divorced parents. The cast of the movie includes Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette and Lorelei Linklater.

Khan is currently in talks to acquire the movie’s remake rights in India and then he will use the film to showcase his son’s acting talents to the world. According to inside sources, Aryan watched the film and was so impressed with its originality, direction and acting, that he spoke to his father about it. Shah Rukh was also on board with the idea of remaking the Bollywood version of this movie.

“Aryan watched it and was so impressed that he called up SRK from London and asked him to watch the film. The father-son duo often recommends good books and films to each other,” said a source.

Shah Rukh is the uncrowned King of Bollywood and has elevated himself to the status of a legend throughout the three decades that he has starred in Indian movies. His films have grossed big and he has had numerous awards, laurels under his belt. His son Aryan will have his work cut out for him when he finally decides to fill in the shoes of his father.



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