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Shah Rukh-Salman Khan:When foe-becomes-friends!

The King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan talked to the media for the first time, regarding his recent reunion with Salman Khan at his sister’s wedding events.

The 49 years old actor blamed media that it over dramatized his fight with Salman Khan. SRK said that being in Bollywood sometimes over dramatize our equations with others. Things are not that big the way they are conveyed to the outside world. The relationship between Salman and I was never that bad, the way media portrayed it.

The megastar also said that Salman and his families share a very good bond, their kids are even friends with each other so it was never like going to a new place at Arpita’s wedding reception. It was like a family function for us.

The star reached the wedding reception at 2:00 am and was found partying with Salman’s family and the newly-wed couple till late night.



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