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Shah terms MQM's allegations 'wrong'

Talking to media here, Khursheed Shah denied the reports suggesting that the army chief in a law and order meeting gave a ‘warning’ to the Sindh government.

He added that a judicial commission has been constituted regarding the raid at Nine Zero and due course of action will be taken once the commission reports its findings.

He termed MQM’s accusations as wrong, saying that the operation in Karachi is being continued under the supervision of the military, which the MQM had itself favored.

Shah, however, said that had the Rangers brought female personnel while raiding the house of Altaf Hussain’s sister, then the sanctity of the household could be prevailed.

In response to a question, the opposition leader labeled Imran Khan a ‘fool’ who does not admit the past elections, while on the other hand participates in the Senate elections.

“Nawaz-government took no measures for the welfare of public and the people are facing severe hardships across the country,” he said. “And, returning such a government to home without the completion of tenure will be equal to declaring it innocent.”

Khursheed Shah said that he wishes to see PM Nawaz Sharif returning to the public after completing his five years tenure, so that he may get an idea of how well he served the people.



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