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Shah vows to fight for democracy till last breath

Talking to media on Saturday, Khursheed Shah told that some people say that there is no democracy here, while the others do not want this parliament. He said that the ones staging sit-ins in Islamabad are not in favor of the constitution and democracy.

The Opposition leader said that PPP will not make any compromise on the rule of constitution and parliament and vowed to fight till last breath for saving democracy in the state.  He said an elected parliament is present here and all the decisions should be made through it.

Shah asked the 20 crore masses to open their eyes and observe what role is being played by whom.

He also said that the military is a patriotic institution and it is aware of the emotions and sentiments of the people.

Moreover, Khursheed Shah stressed that reconciliation between the government and protesting parties should also be held through the parliament.



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