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Shah wants ‘others’ to follow Gen Raheel’s accountabilty move

“An institution has thrown a ball into our court after its action”, said Shah while speaking to media here.

Without naming the prime minister, the senior PPP leader asked ‘what will you do about your accountability’.

He said we should also follow suit what Gen Raheel Sharif did.

Across-the-board accountability: Gen Sharif dismisses 11 top army officers over corruption

Shah said there may be more powerful and influential people, but no one was mightier than God.

Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif dismissed 12 army officers, including a lieutenant general from service over corruption.

A major general, lieutenant colonel, a major and four brigadiers are among those dismissed from service,

On Wednesday, Gen Raheel had stated, “On going war against terrorism and extremism being fought with the backing of entire nation cannot bring enduring peace and stability unless the menace of corruption is uprooted.”

“Pakistan’s Armed Forces will fully support every meaningful effort in that direction which would ensure a better future for our next generations.”



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