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Shahbaz Gill claims fan was running his Twitter account in the past

Spokesperson of Punjab government, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, faced ‘innocent questions’ of Waseem Badami in an episode of Har Lamha Purjosh where he was seen defending the use of his Twitter account. 

Waseem Badami quoted one of his old tweets from 2003, in which he addressed Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that he was employed in America and wants to work him. To this, Gill claimed that it was his fan who may have tweeted this from his account.

He further tried to clarify that most of the old tweets from his account were posted by a fan, who is part of his social media team.

Badmi showed another old tweet from Gill’s account, in which the government’s spokesperson had asked Hammad Azhar, who is now the Minister of State for Revenue , for his contact details.

Gill candidly denied tweeting such statements and claimed them to be either fake or done by his social media manager.

In the beginning of the bouncer round of the show, he also admitted to facing a tough time from his political opponents which leads him to adopt an aggressive mode during debates on TV shows.



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