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Shahbaz Sharif says despite criticism will continue to serve people

LAHORE: Following the day when an elderly woman died at Jinnah Hospital Lahore after being badly treated for which the Punjab government was being held accountable, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that regardless of all the criticism, he would continue to serve people.  

During a meeting with a delegation of Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) leaders, he asked the public to remain distant from the politics of chaos in the country.

Shahbaz Sharif said, “People now recognise those who put their country at stake for their vested interests” and added that to serve the public was in the manifesto of PML-N.

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He claimed that every step of the government was for the betterment of the nation and development of the country.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, this journey of success will continue,” said Shahbaz Sharif.

Zehra Bibi’s daughter brought her to Jinnah Hospital Lahore at 3.15am on Monday after she suffered a heart attack in a remote area of Punjab.

Despite a medical emergency, staffers at the hospital helped the ailing woman with a drip after a delay of three hours but that too on the ward floor, as the hospital has been operating with insufficient furnishings and medical supplies to treat the patients coming in from almost all parts of the Punjab.



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